about us

Learn more about the founding of move for Mind and our mission and goals!


Move for Mind was founded with the belief that physical health is a key component of mental health, and one cannot exist without the other…

The goals to educate, raise awareness, and bring about change in our communities have been fostered by unique personal challenges, a recognition of the universal effect mental health has on all our lives, and a strong desire to move…

Recognizing the urgency of issues surrounding mental health, the Move for Mind team has come together to advocate, educate, and inspire our world to lead a more active life, and work to improve the mental health of ourselves and those around us.

the unseen connection

“Mental health cannot be seen; it does not look like a broken bone, or a bruised knee. Nevertheless, mental health and wellness can be just as painful and equally as debilitating as these physical ailments. Mental illness does not necessarily manifest itself physically, but rather in our thoughts, our emotions, our outlook, our functioning, and our ability to lead fulfilling and happy lives."

Emily Hudak - Co Founder and President

 our mission

The mission of The Move for Mind Foundation is to promote awareness, create an open dialogue, and provide philanthropic support for mental health through community events, programming, and partnerships.

 our goals

Move for Mind seeks to accomplish its mission with the goals to advocate, educate, and inspire to improve mental health.


  • Openly and effectively inform the public on the state of mental health in our society.

  • Raise awareness on the importance of physical health in relation to mental health.

  • Promote open dialogue to end the stigma surrounding mental health. 


  • Directly incorporate physical health into the lives of those seeking mental health services through community events and programming.

  • Increase financial support for individuals and organizations who share the Move for Mind Mission.

  • Provide for those who are at a disproportionate disadvantage to receive mental health services or face more significant challenges in relation to their mental and physical health due to their race, gender, socioeconomic status, or personal background. 


  • Encourage individuals to personally evaluate the role movement plays in their life, and develop physical and mental health improvements.

  • Motivate change in our communities to create deeper support systems for those who are in need of mental health services.

  • Create strong, lasting relationships between community members and those in need of mental support.