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I didn’t start advocating for myself until I made the decision to get help for my anxiety as it started to take over and consume my life. It was such a scary thing at first; to advocate for my mental health but it was something I desperately needed. 


In 2018, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. This wasn’t a shock to me as I always struggled with anxiety for as long as I could remember. It reached a breaking point during my senior year of college and sometime after graduation. I was incredibly unhappy, overwhelmed constantly, and I needed help. 


This was the start of my healing journey. The pivotal moment in which I started to advocate and vocalize my true needs and wants. As I started to advocate for my mental health, I also started to advocate for others mental health around me. Over the next few years, my outlook on life and myself continued to flourish. 


About a year later I was accepted into an online masters program in nonprofit management. Through the program I was required to take on an internship, which is  how I started working with Move for Mind. Working with Move for Mind has shaped me and made me the person I am today. I am more confident in myself, my abilities, and as a leader in this organization. Prioritizing my mental health has given me the power of being a successful leader and mental health advocate.