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Make your voice heard and share how mental health has affected your life

I have always struggled with my mental health—anxiety especially—but it was always something that I told myself I could push through and ignore. Soon, I wasn’t able to push it aside anymore and my anxiety grew and grew, until it began affecting my daily life, relationships, and work. It was through open and honest conversations and gaining a better understanding about anxiety that I realized I needed to advocate for myself and start healing. 


It was a difficult decision for me to begin advocating for myself. I felt like so much of what I was feeling and experiencing wasn’t a big deal; that it wasn’t something I needed help to overcome; that I shouldn’t be feeling this way because of things I considered silly or not worth getting anxious over. I was so focused on my misconceptions about mental health that I was allowing myself to continue struggling and feeling completely overwhelmed. However, as I learned more about mental health and got rid of those misconceptions, I was able to better understand what advocating for myself would look like. I was able to find help and to start actively working through my anxiety. 


I found Move for Mind last summer when I started interning as an editor for the foundation’s blog. Through this internship, I was able to work with several gifted and passionate writers as they wrote about a variety of topics all relating to mental health. It was amazing to read about their own experiences in overcoming mental health issues, as well as their advice on how to be an advocate, and create a safe space for open communication about mental health. Through Move for Mind, I was able to connect with people who allowed me to better understand not only how to be an advocate for others, but also for myself.