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Make your voice heard and share how mental health has affected your life

When I was thirteen, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and generalized anxiety disorder. A year later, clinical depression completed the trifecta of mental illnesses that have been impacting my life for nearly ten years. I’m in recovery now—which is equally beautiful and liberating as it is messy and unpredictable—and that enables me to live my life on my own terms, not the terms of my illness. It also enables me to feel comfortable sharing my story and spreading awareness for mental health. 


Last summer, I had the pleasure of interning at Move for Mind. I wrote semi-monthly posts for its blog about a host of topics, all related to mental health. I enjoyed aligning myself with an organization that shares my beliefs about the importance of being open about mental health conditions, and as an athlete who has recently returned to regular exercise, Move for Mind’s emphasis on movement and its positive effects on mental health really resonated with me. My three-month internship not only provided me with an opportunity to reach more people; it also connected me with individuals who were just as passionate about mental health awareness as me, and it provided me with new ideas and new advocacy strategies that I have since implemented in my activism.


I strongly believe that the world would be a much better place if there was more openness about mental health; it would do away with a number of harmful misconceptions, as well as empower people who are currently suffering in silence to seek help. If there had been more openness and awareness nine years ago, when I started to struggle, I’m confident it would have made a huge difference for me—not only in the trajectory of my recovery but in how I felt about myself and the shame I harbored towards my diagnoses. That’s why Move for Mind, and any organization or individual who uses their platform to push the needle forward on mental health, has my complete support and admiration. Change is happening every day, and it excites me that I’m in a place in my mental health journey where I can be a part of that progress, through my own advocacy and by aligning with organizations like Move for Mind.