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My mental health journey has been growing over the past four years. When I started college, I vowed to dedicate time and effort to work on myself. Mental health included. It was something I lacked when I was a teenager in high school simply because I put the well being of others over my own.


College allowed me to focus on myself, without the need to obligate my friends feelings over my own. It was a hard task to fulfill, however, the progress I’ve made in recent years has surpassed my personal expectations, and I’m very proud of myself. For me, the first part in my mental health journey was self-respect. Learning to respect myself therefore, treat myself kindly. Recite the “dumb” affirmations in the mirror or stating five things I like about myself each morning, all the things that focus on the positive parts of me and diminish my negative ideologies.


When I started my internship with Move For Mind, I was several years into my experience and felt comfortable sharing some of it with others. Being vulnerable was something I struggled with prior because I always viewed it as weak. However, vulnerability is a strength because it has allowed me to be honest and accept said honesty with myself. It gives me accountability for my actions and emotions which ultimately makes me better. 


The most impactful moment from my internship was participating in a movement program by Alyson Stoner. My idea was to partake in the program and review it for two blog posts. I was weary when starting the program initially because of the assumption that all celebrity self-help-esq things are a cash grab and inauthentic. In short, it has been a very great experience and my assumptions were wrong. I wouldn’t have gotten to the program had it not been for the Internship and working with the foundation as it has enhanced my mental health journey immensely. 


It’s a constant state of learning and understanding. I urge you to build a healthy relationship with yourself as I’m trying to do. The longest relationship you have is with yourself, it should be the most cherished.