Move for Recovery

  • ​Those in recovery will have the opportunity to learn about the impact that physical movement has on mental health and addiction
  • Move for Mind will be focused on teaching them how to establish healthy routines and maintain them.​​​
  • The program will create a safe space for participants by reducing stigmas and allowing people to be honest about their stories while being compassionate for those in similar positions. 
  • ​It is a fact that exercise can relieve stress, improve sleep, fight cravings, and provide a much-needed structure to one's life as they go through the recovery process. 
  • Participants will be able to experience these benefits through Move for Recovery's primary activity, running.​
  • In addition to participating in runs, individuals will be provided nutrition such as granola bars, sports drinks, and energy gels.
  • Running is proven to improve brain function in that it supplies brain cells with oxygen, promotes production of new cells, and helps to create new synapses. 
  • After seeing the effects of movement, individuals will be able to look back on how it felt, both positively and negatively. 
  • They will engage in honest discussion with one another and also with the Move for Mind staff, talking about how they will integrate exercise into their lives for the future. 
  • Everyone has their own unique program format and because of this, Move for Mind will have individualized evaluations of progress.