Move for Recovery

Move for Recovery's objective will be partnering with established clinical recovery organizations in the Central Jersey area, hoping to ensure an both active lifestyle and long term success for participants. Participants start Move for Recovery at the abstinence stage of their recovery journey, where they are committing to treatment for addiction. It can be a very difficult stage due to factors such as physical cravings, psychological dependence, and triggers that can tempt them to relapse. This is when they learn about the warning signs and steps that can potentially lead to a relapse. 
Directly implementing movement into the lives of program participants is the ultimate goal of Move for Recovery. The program will help these participants learn the tools and skills needed to start developing a drug free lifestyle. With a focus on physical exercise, individuals will see an improvement in mental health while being supported in the recovery process. The Move For Mind staff will ensure them that they are not alone in recovery, and seek to build strong, lasting relationships.