TikTok Made Me Try It: A Review of Alyson Stoner’s Wellness Program (Part 1)

Alyson Stoner is a well-known entertainer, author, and global speaker who rose to fame as a young star. She acted in several popular movies and television series including “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Camp Rock,” and “Phineas and Ferb.” Alyson has been in the public eye for a long time and has been open about her experience with child fame, the good and the bad.

Alyson advocates predominately on social media, with over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 2 million followers on TikTok. On her platforms, she shares movement and mental well-being content that encourages community and self-care. She also has a website that contains longer-form content including affirmation workouts, movement workouts, and live classes. All this content further implements her advocacy in these areas.

I have been a fan of Alyson since I was a kid, and as I started to work on my self-care journey, my path crossed again with hers. I admire her honesty and work so much that it intrigued me to further investigate her website and the content that she had been creating online. When I visited her website, I discovered her 7-day “Mind-Body Movement” ebook and video program. Piquing my curiosity enough, I decided to take the plunge into the program and share my experience here.

To start, the price of the program is 10 dollars. This is an affordable and reasonable price, especially for the amount of knowledge and quality of the content within the program. This included the ebook, the 7-day video course, daily journal prompts, and movement-based activity and technique videos. Not to mention, this is a one-time payment, so when you buy it it’s yours to keep and continue to use indefinitely. I also want to stress that Alyson has other content on her website that is cheaper and even free for those who are intrigued but may not want to buy the Mind-Body Movement program.

Let’s get into it!

Each day has different chapters that focus on different ideas to balance your mind and body. I read the chapters first, then partook in the corresponding videos. Even before getting into the 7 days, there is an introductory piece that I think is worth mentioning in my program review. Alyson discusses her experience and delivers doctoral information to her general explanation about the mind and body.

I found the introductory piece important because it dips a toe into the experience instead of going headfirst. Knowledge is power, and the more information granted about the topic automatically allows success in the program. I learned terminology and gained more awareness of myself that was implemented better as each day went by.

The introduction ends with self-reflective questions. Throughout the entire program are journals and activity prompts that reflect on the day. This is a major plus in my opinion because it’s interactive and doesn’t feel one-sided. Often, self-care programs or advocates can feel like college lectures, just spewing information. Here, it allows you to read the information and reflect upon what you read based on your experiences. Implementing reflection during the program further allowed me to implement these topics in my everyday life. It became second nature.

The setup of the program shifts from your mind to body in terms of focus. Structurally, this is the best approach to a wellness program in my opinion. I always say that to work on yourself, you need to start with the mind first. The first three days: Listen, Learn, Understand, as well as the Introduction, all encompass discovering yourself mentally. Whether that be shifting your mentality from negative to positive, digging deep into the way you think, and asking yourself why these thoughts exist and where do they originate from? The first three days of the program perfectly guide you through this deep mental awakening, where the dive isn’t too deep that you become lost.

I’m not going to share all the information Alyson discussed, because that would be legit plagiarism. But I’ll share little awakenings and information that stood out to me.

I was eager to dive into Day One since I had an enjoyable read with the Introduction and Alyson’s story. Much of what she was explaining for Day One, Listen, made sense and made me realize I listen to my body more than I expected. Listening means acknowledging how your body behaves and reacts to certain situations or triggers. Sometimes the mind and body aren't connected, and your body may react to a situation that your mind doesn’t. I noted how my body language was in certain spaces. Much of the program is based on spatial awareness; how your body takes up space in school, work, and home. It’s recommended to journal your thoughts during the program, and from my experience, it enhances it tremendously.

For instance, as a full-time college student, it’s easy to get lost in a class. Especially one you aren’t comfortable in. In one of my classes, I never know how to sit. Usually, I want to be comfortable, so my initial reaction is to sit leisurely. However, I try not to because that can come across as egotistical because of the amount of space I’m taking up. To counteract this, I found myself being hunched over with my shoulders tense which isn’t good either. Anytime during class where I find myself doing this, I release my posture immediately. Acknowledging my body language hasn’t only happened in the classroom, it’s everywhere I go and has helped me become comfortable in uncomfortable spaces.

Lastly, I want to touch on the first three videos. I surprised myself with how much I was into them. The videos are all about movement (of course). I felt nervous about looking stupid doing the movement for the first video because I didn’t know what to expect. I turned all the lights off in my room to be hidden, if my mom or cats were to barge in on me and interrupt me during that time I’d be mortified.

The music guided the videos along and helped with my movement tremendously because it distracted me from my embarrassment or insecurities. So much so that I looked like a flailing pigeon, in a good way. I shocked myself at how much I let go. I give a nod to the structure of the videos; they are very soothing and go by quickly. The music in each video mixes serenity and brightness where you get lost in the music while simultaneously listening to Alyson’s instructions. Sometimes I would fall asleep because I was relaxed; much of her videos incorporate meditation-style practices.

A few closing thoughts before you go…

The 7-day concept, right? I like how she compartmentalizes each day. She encourages you to spend as much time focusing on each day as possible. Meaning, Day One might actually take five days. From my experience, if you want to really dive in, you’re going to need to spend multiple days on each part. Initially, I did one day after the other. It worked until Day Four, and then I went back because I was moving too fast. Take your time with it.

I wasn’t expecting much, I’ll be honest. In the current state of the celebrity-overconsumption world, it’s difficult to decipher what is or isn’t genuine. While I knew Alyson’s advocacy on social media and about her experiences and self-wellness, I think ingenuine public figures have skewed my perception so often that I went into this program with many doubts.

However, she gave more than I anticipated. After reading each day, it’s very apparent that this program is hand-crafted and is truly meant to help people. Her personal story, the doctoral information provided, the videos, prompts, etc. attests to the fact that it is genuine. Alyson constructed a program that can truly guide a person through wellness if they’re willing to listen.

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By Kimberly Monetti

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