Recognizing the need to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness through open, honest, and transparent dialogue, we advocate for mental health to be rightfully treated the same as physical health. Our running clubs provide safe, judgment-free spaces in which we educate participants about the benefits of movement for our overall health and explore how strengthening our minds and bodies can help us achieve our goals. 

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Advocate for mental health awareness in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by fostering open dialogue and creating a culture of acceptance, connection, and empathy. 

  • ​Exhibit openness, honesty, tolerance, inclusivity, and empathy in order to create an environment based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

  • Actively engage in open conversations in which all program participants feel comfortable voluntarily sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

  • Purposefully address the difficulty and discomfort in talking about issues related to mental health and mental illness and work to overcome this stigma by becoming more comfortable discussing such topics.

  • Encourage and prepare program participants to be advocates for mental health awareness within their schools and communities.

  • Discuss what we mean when using the terms “mental health” and “physical health” and the similarities, differences, and intersections between the two concepts.

  • Consider the varying roles that movement plays in our daily lives and how and why those roles have changed over time.

  • Mindfully examine how engaging in physical activity affects our mood and thoughts and reflect on the mental and emotional states we experience during and after running.

  • Guide program participants in discovering personalized ways in which they can use running to further develop their physical and mental health. 

  • Work with program participants to set challenging yet attainable goals and develop a plan to work toward achieving them.

  • Teach program participants how to adopt a growth mindset when approaching challenges and dealing with failure.

  • Discuss and implement strategies for remaining motivated when faced with obstacles and setbacks.

  • Help program participants recognize the parallels between the challenges they encounter when running and those they will encounter in life.


Educate program participants about the connections between physical and mental health and the power of running to strengthen their minds and bodies.

Inspire and empower program participants to persevere through challenges and believe in their

ability to succeed.


So what exactly are the steps to success? Explore our program curriculum to learn more about why Steps to Success is more than just a running club.


Steps to Success has chapters in Connecticut and New Jersey run by Move for Mind team members. Click below to find out more.


Steps to Success is free to join and open to all students ages 13-18. Come run with us!


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